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3 Best Tours to Komodo Island

Komodo Dragons are the largest lizard in the world. This wildlife is only found in Komodo National Park. There are over 2000 species of Komodo dragons living on Rinca and Komodo island. Our 3 best tours to Komodo Island will let you explore the whole place in Komodo National Park.

These tours to Komodo island mostly depart from Labuan Bajo. You can choose to go on private or shared arrangements. Both ways are best to book.

Besides the departure from Labuan Bajo, we also offer tours to Komodo island from Bali. You can book this tour package if you don’t want to stay overnight in Labuan Bajo. Once you arrive in Labuan Bajo, our team will pick you up and redirect you to the harbor.

Our 3 best tours to Komodo island

We offer top-rated Komodo tours from Labuan Bajo and Bali. You can choose between the options we offer. Tours to see Komodo dragons is the main intention of these arrangements. However, you can also enjoy the beautiful underwater and landscapes.

We also arranged the tours to Komodo National Park from Bali and Lombok. You are free to choose the Komodo dragon tours that we offer.

Tours to Komodo from Bali are one of the most popular arrangements to book. You need to book a morning flight from Bali and then our team will pick you up from the airport. After that, you will drive to the dock for a boat tour to Komodo.

Below are the 3 best Komodo tours:

  1. Full-Day Komodo tour from Labuan Bajo on a high speedboat. You will be allowed to visit 6 places in Komodo National Park.
  2. 2 Days, 1 Night Komodo Island tour package. The tour is based on a private tour and you will go on a Phinisi boat.
  3. 3 Days 3 Night Komodo tour package. The tour serves in private and shared arrangements. If you choose to go private, you are free to choose the places to visit.

These are all Komodo tour packages from Labuan Bajo, Bali, and Lombok. Enjoy the trip.

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