Bali to Komodo island tour packages are recommendations for those who do not want to stay in Labuan Bajo. The tour to Komodo will allow you to get a direct boat tour on the day you arrive in Labuan Bajo. Your tour guide will pick you up at the airport and directly join the tour.

For those who have only a short time on holiday, you may take the One Day Komodo Island Tour from Labuan Bajo. This type of Komodo tour is available for daily departure in the morning. You will use a speedboat and will be able to visit 6 destinations in Komodo National Park.

Komodo Island boat trip from Bali departs every day. You will need to book a morning flight at 06.30 am from Denpasar to Komodo Airport, Labuan Bajo. And then our team will pick you up at 09.30 am from Labuan Bajo airport.

Best Bali to Komodo Island Tour packages

We have selected the best Komodo Island Boat Tour from Labuan Bajo. Our tour company also does the same for our Komodo tour from Bali. You are free to choose any type of Komodo tour package based on your travel style.

These Komodo island sailing trip packages mostly depart from Labuan Bajo. You can easily find our Komodo Wisata office around Labuan Bajo.

Best Komodo Island Tours Tripadvisor from Bali Island:

  1. 3 Days Komodo island sailing tour. This is the most popular tour package to book and it is available for a departure from Bali. With this Komodo island boat tour, you will visit 10 or more places in Komodo National Park.
  2. Komodo Island Day trip from Labuan Bajo. The tour package is based on private service, so you will have a full boat service during the tour. It is also available for a departure from Bali, but you will only visit 4 places.
  3. A 3 Day 2 Nights Komodo Hopping Tour is one of the best-recommended tour packages. You will be able to see 10 destinations in one go.

If you are in Lombok, you may take a Komodo Island trip from Lombok. The trip duration is 4 days and 3 nights. You will visit beautiful destinations in Lombok, Sumbawa, and Komodo National Park.

Komodo Island Tour Price

The best price for the Komodo Island One Day tour is $50 per person. Meanwhile, a 3 day Komodo island tour is $1000 per person for a private boat tour to Komodo. For the shared 3 days and 2 nights tour package, the cost will be $200 per person.

There are also some discounts or special offers that you can find through online tour agencies. These discounts are most available during the low season. There you can see the number of promotions.

For those who want to do diving in Komodo National Park, you can join some dive operators in Labuan Bajo. There are available Komodo island dive trips and overnight or Liveaboard diving in Komodo. Komodo National Park has more than twenty dive sites that have good visibility.

We welcome to see you in Komodo National Park and we hope you can find a great travel experience. Book our best Komodo tours for your great arrangement of Komodo trips.