The Flores Island tour package price is one of the most popular tour packages to book on Flores island. This tour will allow you to visit the culture and nature of Flores island, Indonesia.

Tour packages to Flores island can start from Labuan Bajo. You can take a day tour or overland tour packages on the island. You will explore many beautiful places and the beautiful traditions of the people on Flores Island.

The Flores tour from Bali will bring you the highest holiday expectation. You will fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo or Ende and then start your tour. If you want to start from Labuan Bajo, West Flores, you will need to find a flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo International Airport.

Labuan Bajo is the most popular and recommended place to start a Flores Komodo tour. You can take a day tour around Labuan Bajo or search for a combination Komodo Flores tour package. This type of tour package is perfect if you want to explore both islands, Komodo and Flores.

Flores day tour will accommodate a day visiting Kelimutu and a beautiful waterfall in Moni. This tour package will start from Maumere. You will have to fly from Bali to Mau Mere if you want to join the day tour on Flores Island, Indonesia.

The Best Flores Island Tour packages to Book

If you are looking for the best Flores tour packages, this page will recommend some of the best tours to Flores to book. This tour arrangement will include the Labuan Bajo trip and the Komodo island tour package. You will enjoy exploring the culture and nature through these tour package arrangements.

The Wae Rebo tour package is one of the best Flores tour packages to book. This tour package will allow you to visit wae Rebo village for 2 days and 1 night. You will also visit the Spider rice field in Cancar. Experience staying in one of the traditional Wae Rebo village houses,  culture, and nature.

The Goa Rangko Cave tour package is a half-day tour package that allows you to enjoy swimming in the natural pool inside the cave. You will start the tour from Labuan Bajo with a car and boat tour to Rangko Village. And then trek to the cave. Besides that, you will also visit Pasir Timbul or the white sandbar and sunset at Bukit Sylvia, Labuan Bajo.

Kelimutu Lake Tour Package is the best tour package in east Flores island. You will start the tour from Maumere and trek on Kelimutu lake in the morning to catch the sunrise. You will also visit Koka beach and Wologai village in Ende. Enjoy the beautiful white sand beach and the culture of the people in Ende, Flores.

5 days 4 nights trip to Wae Rebo and Komodo. This tour package is one of the best-recommended tours to Flores. You will enjoy visiting Wae Rebo and exploring the Komodo National Park. On this tour, you will spend 2 days 1 nights in Wae Rebo and 3 days 2 nights exploring Komodo.

For more tour packages to book, you can visit the page Flores island tour package price from Labuan Bajo and Moni. There are also some tours to Komodo, Sumba, and Alor island. You can find dive packages to Komodo and Alor.

Recommended Places to Visit on Flores island

For your best travel experience during the Flores island tour, this page also recommended some of the best places to visit on Flores Island. You may list one of them or more on your travel list. However, if you have any other suggestions for places to visit on Flores island, you can try to visit them.

Wae Rebo Village is a traditional house of the Manggarai tribe in west Flores island, Indonesia. This village has seven cone huts. This village is located about 5 hours from Labuan Bajo. The only way to get to Wae Rebo is by joining a Flores island tour package from Labuan Bajo.

Goa Rangko is located in north Labuan Bajo. It is one of the perfect places to spend your day. The Goa Rangko Cave is a limestone with a natural pool located inside the cave. Here you can swim and enjoy the crystal clear water. The interesting thing about the Goa Rangko is when the sunlight comes through the small hole and falls down into the water. You can take a half-day tour to Goa Rangko for your complete day visit.

Sawah Lingko or Spider rice field. This is one of the recommended places to visit while you do a Flores tour package. The spider rice field is located about 3 hours from Labuan Bajo. You will need to book on Flores tour to get to Sawa Lodok. The best time to visit is from March to May, it is the best choice to have a sunset in this place.

Kelimutu Lake is a three-colored lake located in Ende, central Flores island. This lake is one of the best places to visit on the Tour to Flores island. You will trek and enjoy the sunrise over the top of this volcano mountain. The Kelimutu volcano trek is one of the best activities to do on the Flores island tour package.

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The Best Time to Visit Flores Island

Indonesia has two seasons every year, the rainy season and the dry season. The dry season is coming from April to September and the rainy season is coming from October to March. The best time to visit Flores island is during the dry season.

Meanwhile sometimes, during the rainy season, Flores island is also possible to visit. You can go in December and March. This is the perfect time to enjoy the green look of the island and not tourists. Plan a trip to Flores island from Bali is one of the best recommended to explore Flores island.

If you visit Flores island during the rainy season make sure you have booked a trip with a professional local tour agency. It is because not all the tour operators will run the activities during the rainy season. You will need to make an advance booking, at least 1 month before the trip.