Teak furniture is furniture made of teak wood as the main material. Teak wood itself has long been known as a material for making high-quality furniture.

Teak wood has very solid characteristics and is also resistant to various types of weather. Want to know what are the advantages of this teak furniture? Check out the following points:

1. Very strong – The main characteristic of teak furniture is its very sturdy nature! Teak wood has a very high density level, making it very strong and resilient furniture. Do you know? Furniture made of teak wood also has a very strong resistance to fire.

2. Weather resistance – Apart from being strong and resilient, another advantage of teak furniture is that it is resistant to various types of weather, be it scorching heat or heavy rain. So if you want outdoor furniture made of wood, it is highly recommended to use teak furniture because teak furniture can maintain its original shape even in extreme conditions.

3. Smooth finishing with unique fiber threads – Unlike other types of wood, teak wood has a distinctive grain and color character that is unique to teak wood. Indonesian teak furniture usually has a characteristic golden brown color with a unique wood grain thread motif. This unique combination of colors and threads will give a very attractive appearance to Indonesian teak furniture. So it is only natural that the price is higher than other wooden furniture in Indonesia.

4. Durable – With proper care, your teak furniture can last up to 100 years. This is not an exaggeration. Even now, you can still find antique teak furniture that is more than a century old. So, even though the price is higher than other types of wooden furniture, teak furniture in Indonesia is still the prima donna. What’s more, considering that other furniture usually only has a durability of around 20-30 years.