Komodo Island tour from Bali is one of the most recommended tour activities to book. There are several types of boats to choose such as standard Phinisi boat, Komodo Speed boat tour, and Superior Phinisi boat. For those who looking for luxury, Komodo Wisata is also available for a private charter.

A Standard Phinisi boat is a wooden boat with a capacity of 12 passengers. The boat is a traditional Indonesian handmade Phinisi. It is made for the purpose to explore the Komodo National Park. With the standard Phinisi boat, you can do a Komodo boat trip at budgeting prices with high-quality service.

Komodo speed boat tour is one of the most popular for those who only have a short time on your Komodo island holiday trip. You can book this tour on a speed boat from Bali with a private service. If you want to get on a shared speed boat tour to Komodo, you need to book a flight in the morning from Bali.

The superior Phinisi boat is also a handmade traditional Indonesian boat. The boat has premium facilities with a comfortable cabin. You can get the perfect 3 days and 2 nights Komodo boat tour from Bali. This boat also includes a hotel or airport transfer in Labuan Bajo.

Komodo National Park tour from Bali needs to arrange in advance to get a space, especially during the peak season. The cost will be set as per the price you see when making a booking. If you do a booking during the low season, it would be a better way to do it, otherwise, Komodo Wisata also offers a special price during the high season.

The best Komodo Island boat Tour from Bali

For your best Komodo island tour package, here are some of the best-recommended tour packages to Komodo Island to book. These recommendations tour packages are set to meet your great travel experience. On this page, you will only find the selected tour from visitors who experienced travel to Komodo.

The 3 days and 2 nights Komodo tour package from Bali is one of the most recommended to book. This tour package has two types, private and shared arrangements. If you wish to go on a shared Komodo island boat tour from Bali, you will need to have a schedule on Friday. It is because the shared trip to Komodo only available on Friday in a week. Meanwhile, the 3 days private trip departs every day, you can choose to go on any schedule you want.

Komodo private speed boat from Bali is also very recommended to book. You can take a morning flight from Bali and connect with the Komodo speed boat tour from Labuan Bajo. The time of departure is depending on your own schedule. You will be able to explore six or more places in Komodo National Park.

If you are a real adventure or want to enjoy many paradise islands, you can take a Komodo island boat trip from Bali for 6 and 5 nights. This tour package is available once a week during the low season and two times during the high season. The 6 days Komodo tour from Bali will be a shared boat trip, you will go on a boat with a capacity of 20 people.

For more information and book the Komodo tour, you can visit the page Komodo island tour from Bali Island. There you will find many tour arrangements at your budget and travel style.

Komodo Island tour package price from Bali

The Komodo island boat tour price from Bali starts from $350 per person for a shared boat tour and $1000 per boat for a private trip. These prices are depending on the season you will travel. If you go during the low season, there will be many discounts available, meanwhile, if you are in the high season it will be higher.

At Komodo Wisata tours from Bali, you can get a special price for the whole season of the holiday. The boat tour to Komodo offers a comfortable and safe trip to Komodo National Park. So we guarantee all the visitors are safe during the Komodo Island boat trip from Bali.

The Komodo National  Park fees are depending on the days of traveling. If you visit on working days, the National Park fee is $25 per person. Meanwhile, if you visit during a public holiday, the fees will be $35 per person. You can also join the share group if you want to get less on the National Park tour price.

The boat tour from Bali to Komodo will make a stopover at some of the islands. You will visit Nusa Penida, Lembongan, Gili Islands, Lombok, Moyo, and Komodo National Park. Explore these beautiful islands, snorkeling, diving, and island adventures are the most activities to offer. You will enjoy the night under a beautiful sky and blue sea during the day.

The Tips before traveling to Komodo Island

For those who travel to Komodo National Park, you need to know all the tips, on how to enter the Komodo Island. Komodo National Park is famous for the world’s largest lizard, Komodo Dragons. The Komodo dragons are dangerous, it is wildlife. They can attack you at any time, therefore, you need to prepare all the things before exploring the island.

For your safety, it is recommended not to go alone, never try to scream on the island. Keep yourself and always follow the ranger instructor. Babies Komodo are often on the tree, they are aggressive, so keep watch during the traveling. If you have a problem, you can contact or let your guide knows everything.

When you are in the Komodo National Park, do not smoke, as the island is easy to burn. The island is very hot, you are recommended to wear a hat, sunglasses, and trekking shoes. You also need to bring your own medicine, just in case you have a problem.

If you do snorkeling, do not try to touch corals and other creatures. Keep yourself safe with your guide and follow all the instructions. Never try to jump down the sea before the boat is stop. Make sure the boat stop then you can jump down into the sea.

For those who have a heart attack, it is not recommended to join the boat tour from Bali. It is also not recommended for the woman who is on their period. Komodo will smell the blood at a distance of twenty-kilo meters.